Public Speaking

 Niall can be booked for speaking events worldwide. He has delivered talks to businesses, universities, festivals and societies in the UK, North America and Africa, drawing upon his experiences as a zoologist, conservationist, adventurer and film maker. 

Niall’s talks aim to inspire the audience to take an interest in the world around them, and to believe that they can choose the direction of their lives and achieve great things against great odds. 

“Niall McCann provided an incredible presentation of the wild and its many mysteries. He was not only very personable and gracious with our event staff, he was a total hit with the audience!”  
Dr. Anthony Paustian
Provost, Des Moines Area Community College

Niall’s TEDx talk, on the importance of effective communication in global conservation, can be viewed here:

Niall is happy to tailor his talk to the needs of the client. Never before will the audience have witnessed such a diaspora of experiences in one talk, with striking images accompanied by stories of his life seeking out adventure in the places less travelled. 

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